Hungarian Water Association (HWA)

Hungarian Water Association (HWA) is a non-profit federation that has been providing active community for water professionals, opinion leaders, decision makers, water companies and individuals for more than twenty years. HWA means a professional source of knowledge, experience and activities for sustainable urban and basin related water solutions.

Leadership. Professional commitment. Collaboration. Scholarship. Service. Added value. Knowledge sharing. Representing sectoral interest. Supporting the YWPs. These are the core values that guide the Hungarian Water Association and its members in fulfilling our mission of save our waters.

HWA’s main aims is to provide qualified but yet independent professional services and assistance to experts in the field of urban water management and to the domestic water sector.

Our goal is to establish strong international network by linking partners, suppliers and specialists, as well as to facilitate knowledge transfer, continuous improvement of water management related know-how, and to promote innovation widely.

Building an independent professional network based on the world-wide recognized Hungarian professional water knowledge and experience. Providing professional platform for everyone who feels responsibility for our environment and waters. Connecting people to share knowledge, experience and know- how about the most pressing water challenges and innovative solutions. Developing, providing and promoting best practices and water related international frameworks and standards, supporting transitions to sustainable practices.

Inclusiveness: we are inclusive and embrace the diversity of our membership and participants, bringing together people from around the water sector and from a wide range of professions who are concerned with the future of water.
Science & Practice-Based: we are science and practice-based, exploring the frontiers of science, technology and practice and bringing to practice innovative solutions for urban and basin-wide water and sanitation challenges.
Service Oriented: we provide outstanding services that support and inspire our members, participants, partners and others and help them to be successful in realizing our common goals.


Wide network: With effective cooperation with partner organisations and with playing important roles in national and international organisations e.g. past presidency of European Water Association, vice presidency of Eurasian ASEM Water Academic Development Committee, membership of the steering group of European Innovation Partnership on Water HWA is operating a well-functioning professional network that provides additional benefits for the members.
We are pleased to welcome you among our members if you would like to contribute to and maintain an open, transparent and regular dialogue with representative associations and water-smart civil society.

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